Why choose Direct Access?

There are many people who feel able to conduct a lot of litigation themselves, for example collating documents, filling out forms, and even drafting letters or statements. However, many people feel unable to conduct court hearings themselves effectively because of the highly specialist legal and advocacy skills required. Also, many people feel that whilst they can manage much of the litigation themselves they still need the advice of a specialist lawyer on complex points of law and procedure

Direct Access enables those who feel able to manage the litigation to have complete control of their case, without being reliant on a solicitor and without having to pay for a solicitor. You can feel secure in the knowledge that you will have access to a specialist lawyer and advocate to guide you through the process and to represent you in the event that the case comes to court.

Ultimately, this will save you time and money. You will be responsible for organising the case documents and writing letters and carrying out other tasks that a solicitor would ordinarily do. You will be reducing your costs whilst increasing your personal control of the case. You will completely control the cost of your case because our barristers only work on fixed fees which will be paid in advance.